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Cubicle, a cloud based software, gives your team or business a central channel to share information amongst team members, whether within the same office location, when working from home or other locations.

We believe it is vital to empower team members to work in the way that best suits them, using their prefered devices, yet organized enough to provide a single channel to collaborate on.

This breaks down bureaucracy, allowing team members to effectively communicate with each other to accomplish that project or goal.
Tasks & Appointments
Create personal tasks, to-dos, deadlines and appointments. Have your appointments marked up on your calendar.
A simpler way to send messages to team members and keep discussions going on through out your team.
The whiteboard allows you to share the things that matter with the rest of your team. Be it a memo, a public annoucement, a beautiful screenshot or image you saw on your evening cruise of the web, oozing creativity you want to get spread throughout your team.
Create and manage team projects. Assign tasks from projects to team members and have these tasks show up in thier personal to-do/tasks list. Team members assiged to projects can give feedback and reports on their progress backed with documents. Avoid countless emails and attachments.
Upload and share documents with your teams.
Chat with single team members online and keep conversations going.
Get your team onboard Cubicle now and see your collaboration magic turn up! Check out now which Cubicle Plan suits your team and get started.